Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn inspirations...

Here are a few new designs inspired by the beautiful autumn season & a little winter cottage! Enjoy! 


  1. Hi Sharon - I have just discovered your work on Pinterest and since I love houses I came to take a look - your work on this page is gorgeous and I had to tell you so! love it - Pauline - perry94022@hotmail.com

  2. So beautiful Sharon, i have done a tiny bit of this kind of sewing but you have just re inspired me to have another bash! thanks love

  3. I just love your snow house and the small pine tree looks like a Maine scene....The Lord has given you many talents and your wonderful, keep up the great work...Love Lynn

  4. I love your work, Sharon.
    This snowy scene has inspired me to start sewing again.
    Thank you.
    Jean Webster