Sunday, 3 February 2013

Wellington boots etc!

Rob & I bought our girls beautiful Wellingtons for christmas & this inspired the following 2 pictures.

The wellington fabric in this picture is a piece of a much loved dress of Georgia's which became too worn to wear anymore - she still misses it! ... but at least it lives on in a picture!

... In Alie's case, the more roses the better - you can't really get too many!

 A nice cup of tea...

... & chocolate cake
This is one I started before christmas - a slighlty chunky, lovely christmas dancer!

Looking to warmer weather - a cottage in a meadow. 


  1. Love them all, but do tell how do you keep the wellies so clean??? x Joan

  2. heehee! - In reality, I think they're already snow weathered but still beautiful! Thanks Joan

  3. Love them all, its like opening Christmas presents when you share what you have been doing! Thank you Heather xx

  4. Ah, that's really lovely - thanks Heather xx