Thursday, 29 August 2013

Late summer designs...

Here are some more pictures for you to look at among others waiting! These first two are designs for a new baby card inspired by our beautiful new grand-daughter, Celeste Berry.

 We bought Delilah a crab from the Early Learning Centre & it led me to do this picture!

Another seaside picture - I love seagulls when I'm by the sea.

The next two pictures are inspired by thoughts of  Scotland.

Hope you've enjoyed this little batch - there's definitely a christmas Scottie on its way!


  1. I've just discovered your site and your art, and it's love at first sight! I love it! congratulations!

  2. Each of these is wonderful! The crab looks like such a happy fellow.

  3. Your blog is such a happy place! I love your work - so whimsical and lovely! I found you through Pinterest!

  4. Your pictures would be so cute for a childs room. You are so talented.