Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Spring is nearly here...

I was very happy with my christmas sheep picture so decided to do a non-winter version. 

While munching on a slice of bread & honey the other day, I thought it was time to do another honey & bees picture. I couldn't quite fit all the picture onto the scanner but hope you get the idea!

As I've been thinking about & watching flowers coming up in the garden & all around, I felt like doing a kind of flower sampler showing different shapes of the way flowers grow!

I love gardens with bold buckets, bread bins, pots etc., being used to put flowers & plants in so here are two old buckets with a variety of flowers in them. - Hope you enjoy them x


  1. Hi Sharon, I love your work!!! Can you tell me what size most of your work is? you sell your work? Thanks! Debbie

  2. I just love the expressions on the sheep's faces! They have such character. The honey and bees picture is probably my favourite though.

  3. I've just discovered you from Pinterest. Oh my, each design is lovlier than the next! Love them all.
    Also surprised at your post on Jamie Cullum. I saw him in St. Louis, MO USA recently. Wonderful talent!
    I'm thinking it would be such fun to attend one of your workshops. Do you ever come to the USA? Keep up the wonderful work!